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There are several cities in Europe that are lucky to have warm weather throughout the whole year and Alicante is one of them. Alicante is a port city that has always been a paradise for passengers who are looking for a top vacation spot. The beautiful hilltop castle, Santa Barbara overlooks the bay and is one of the largest medieval fortresses. Inside, travellers can find dungeons, guardrooms and even a bakery. For quality dining, there is the Alicante Marina with its premium seafood restaurants that serve fresh fish every day. The main reason why people go to Alicante is the beach. Postiguet and San Juan beaches both have golden sand with crystal clear water.

The old town is reserved for evening strolls and checking out some of the coolest bars in the region. Here, visitors often stop by the many souvenir shops to purchase handmade souvenirs from the locals. The art museum,  Museo Colecci Art del Segle is located just a few blocks away and it is a place where local artists showcase their work. Just outside the city in the small village of Buscot, you can find the Caves of Canalobre, where stalactites and magnificent limestone formations are located. Alicante is a tropical paradise with its unique charms and a vibrant atmosphere, especially during the evenings.

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Nearest Airports

  • Alicante Airport (ALC)
  • Ibiza Airport (IBZ) - 54 miles
  • Valencia Airport (VLC) - 69 miles
  • San Javier Airport (MJV) - 69 miles