Holiday. The only time in the year when you can fully unwind and relax. So why does choosing where to go often prove to be such a stressful experience? TravelPicker is here to take the hassle out of deciding where to go on holiday. Unlike other travel websites, you don’t have to know where you want to go. We’re unique in that we listen to what you like and give you suggestions that match it, and in the process deliver you the perfect holiday.

We don’t feature thousands of destinations – because these days people are generally given too much choice and are limited on time. We’ve travelled the globe and handpicked only the very best – so if you see it here, it’s worth visiting.

So if you’re not sure where to go, but want for instance a hot holiday with a beach on a budget, or a luxurious, romantic and cultural citybreak within a 3 hour flight– simply let us do the work and come up with some amazing places that fulfil your criteria.

Who we are

TravelPicker was founded in 2015 by Joe Smalley, who is a part-time digital consultant, part-time time travel addict. After visiting over 30 countries in recent years, he would often have friends ask him for holiday recommendations. They would have some basic criteria, but wouldn’t be sure where to go. And most other websites needed to know the destination before proceeding in a search.

The idea for TravelPicker was then born, as a means to find your ideal holiday destination based on a few criteria.

Joe works in conjunction with a team of writer and researchers who share a similar passion for travel.