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TravelPicker is the impartial holiday destination guide. We give you handpicked destination suggestions based on your interests and preferences. We’re different from other holiday search comparison websites – because here you don’t need to know where you want to go on holiday. Quite often you won’t know where you want to fly to, and it can be frustrating using other websites that need to know your travel destination in advance.

Here you can simply add a few search terms such as who is going on your trip. A couple would expect a different experience from a family holiday, so we cater for that and tailor your destination suggestions based on your choice.

You can also specify how hot you like your holiday for a chosen month- for example you can find where is hot in January. You might be surprised the temperatures that you can find by visiting places early in the year such as Tenerife and Dubai, where they’re hot in February and March.

Flight time can also be a deciding factor for where to go on holiday. We cater for short-haul flights, which are under 3 hours, medium haul-flights are between 3 to 6 hours and long haul are 6 to 12 hours. Finally if you don’t mind, you can also set no limit for ultra long-haul flights above 12 hours.

A holiday budget is important to stick to, so we recommend to use this option. Travelling on a budget is possible through to luxury breaks.

What you’re looking for on a holiday is extremely important. We feature some amazing places with beaches, so definitely check out that option if you’re just after some hot sun. The city option is great for those who love a cheap citybreak, perfect for a quick weekend away. The countryside option is for those that like to be nearby nature and the great outdoors. If you like art and history then check out the culture option. If you’re looking for a romantic holiday then that’s the option for you. Some people prefer to base their holidays around shopping, so we have some great shopping trip locations for you. Others prefer to party into the night, for those we have the nightlife option. And if above all else you just want to kick back and relax by the pool or beach with a cocktail – check out our luxury holidays.

We’re completely independent and free to use. We don’t sell any holidays, flights or hotels ourselves, we help you choose then link you to some great providers, free of charge. We hope to inspire you and help you find your ideal holiday destination!

-TravelPicker team