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Quick Guide

  • Polish
  • Polish Zloty

The Polish language is difficult, so let’s clear this up now. You’re not going to ‘Rock-law’, you’re going to ‘vrots-waf’! Luckily, that’s as confusing as the prime-for-tourism destination of Wroclaw gets.

The glorious simplicity of this city is what makes it the favourite of most visitors to Poland. It’s compact and the whole place is just divine. You don’t have to walk to the Old Town – you’re in it. The city is spread over 12 islands in the Odra River and boasts plenty of green spaces and lovely old bridges. The best solid-gold nugget of beauty is Cathedral Island, which is all Gothic architecutre and a sight for sore eyes.

Other highlights to charm your pants off are Rynek- the market square, and the two houses named Hansel and Gretel in its northwestern corner. Just near Hansel and Gretel you can spot a statue of a resting dwarf. He’s one of many dwarf statues around the city, which have their own fascinating story. Grab a ‘dwarf map’ from the tourist information centre and see if you can find all 300 of them around town!

Wroclaw Key Facts

  • Polish
  • Polish Zloty
  • 3 hrs
  • +1 hr

Average Climate


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Nearest Airports

  • Strachowice Airport (WRO) - 43 miles
  • Poznan Airport (POZ) - 81 miles
  • Lodz Lublinek Airport (LCJ) - 87 miles