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  • Norwegian
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According to residents of Oslo, there is no bad weather in Norway, only bad clothes. This is their way of telling people that you will probably need warm clothes here. Oslo is the most populous city in Norway and Norwegians are known to be very friendly and hospitable people.

The Vigeland Park, with its 200 sculptures that were all designed by Gustav Vigeland is open throughout the year and is one of the favorite tourist spots. Norwegian history tells us many stories about the Vikings, and the Viking Ship Museum with 3 preserved ships from the burial is a rather interesting  place to visit.

Grünerløkka, that was once a working class area with a few factories, today is a famous Oslo district that attracts young people. Bars like Bar Vulkan and Skaperverket are one of the most alternative venues in the city. Next stop is the Akershus Fortress, a medieval castle that was once a prison. Sometimes there are concerts and different types of ceremonies, as well as the organized public tours in summer. For those who would like to attend an exclusive music event, Oslo Opera House, that is carved in white Italian Marble and is the only opera house in the world where visitors can actually walk on the roof, hosts many events and performances every day.

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  • Norwegian
  • Norwegian krone
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Nearest Airports

  • Sandefjord Airport (TRF)
  • Fornebu Airport (FBU)
  • Skien Airport (SKE) - 36 miles
  • Notodden Airport (NTB) - 36 miles
  • Hamar Airport (HMR) - 77 miles
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport (GEN) - 77 miles
  • Dagali Airport (DLD) - 98 miles
  • Kjevik Airport (KRS) - 100 miles
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