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  • French, Italian, English
  • Euro

The only country smaller than Monaco is the Vatican. Monte Carlo is not just the capital city, it’s pretty much the whole damn country. Whilst its land mass might be tiny, it’s reputation is huge. No one pays taxes, everyone is filthy rich, and to set foot here you better be rolling in cash. This is not strictly true – you can visit Monte Carlo on a budget. You just won’t be participating in any of the opulent activities that are synonymous with a trip to Monaco.

Of course, Monte Carlo’s biggest draw card is the Casino. You better be looking sharp, because to come and live out your James Bond fantasies in here you can’t be wearing trainers. In fact, best to just opt for the three piece suit. And because they know that Regular Joes like you are just coming to gawk at the lavish building and high rollers, you have to pay an admission fee.

Most of Monte Carlo’s attractions are food and drink focused, but there are neighbourhoods and view points that won’t cost you a cent and will still delight. Roquebrune Cap Martin medieval village, which perches on a cape and offers excellent sea views is a great place to start.

Monte Carlo Key Facts

  • French, Italian, English
  • Euro
  • 2 hrs
  • +1 hr

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