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Quick Guide

  • Lithuanian
  • Euro

Vilnius is the largest medieval town of Eastern Europe with a mixture of baroque and gothic architecture. Famous for the Gediminas Tower and the Dawn Gate, the city has a very special vibe that can be felt the second you arrive in the Lithuania’s capital. If you want to ride in a balloon, the city is one of the rare cities in the world that offers this activity. Keep in mind that its only available early in the morning, but would make an unforgettable start to the day. As for the sightseeing spots in the city, Bernandinai Garden is definitely the best park in the city and is located on the bank of the Vilnia River.

Botanical Garden of Vilnius University is reserved for those who love plants since there are hundreds of different types of plants in this magnificent garden. One of the interesting activities in the city is the Language Buses, where you can during your ride around the city learn some basic phrases in the Lithuanian language.

Don’t be shy if the locals offer you bread and salt. It is a tradition in Vilnius that dates back hundreds of years.

Vilnius Key Facts

  • Lithuanian
  • Euro
  • 2.4 hrs
  • +2 hrs

Average Climate


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Nearest Airports

  • Vilnius Airport (VNO)
  • Kaunas Airport (KUN) - 41 miles
  • Daugavpils Airport (DGP) - 80 miles