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Quick Guide

  • Latvian
  • Euro

From a beautiful Old Town to dominating relics of the Soviet era, Riga has character. The largest capital of the Baltic states, Riga has come a long way since Latvia’s freedom but still retains its edge. There’s plenty to discover in this city, whilst beautiful beaches and countryside sit within easy reach of its outskirts. The nightlife is pumping and there’s something to suit every area of interest.

Riga’s Central Market is a hive of activity and a great snapshot of the true lifestyles of Riga’s residents. Grab some unbelievably cheap food to take for a picnic on the beautiful banks of the canal – the city’s premier green space.

Riga is known for having the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe. The biggest concentration of these buildings is on Alberta Iela street, where visitors come just to walk up and down admiring these stunning buildings.

Riga Castle, Riga Cathedral and St Peter’s Church are the most iconic elements of Riga’s skyline and are worth visiting individually. The best place to appreciate and aerial view of the city is from the top of the Academy of Sciences. This haunting building is one of the city’s best examples of Soviet-Era architecture and is affectionately known as ‘Stalin’s Birthday Cake’.

Riga Key Facts

  • Latvian
  • Euro
  • 2.5 hrs
  • +2 hrs

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Nearest Airports

  • Riga Airport (RIX)