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Quick Guide

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Home to over 50 million olive trees, Puglia is a region in southern Italy, where travelers who get tired of the busy Tuscany streets, go to relax and enjoy their vacation. The baroque architecture and an amazing cuisine is maybe the best way to describe Puglia. It has the longest coastline and is famous for producing various types of high-quality wine. The region has its own dialect that is quite different from the national language. Those who love biking will enjoy their stay here, due to the fact that this is the flattest region in Italy and has many biking lanes. If you are wondering about the quality of the sea here, let’s just say that Puglia has 10 Blue beach flags to show.

There are many tourist destinations in Puglia, and although the region has not been invaded by millions of tourists yet, all of these destinations have something unique and interesting. Visit the city of Lecce, where the architecture will surely blow your mind. Otranto is one of the most attractive resorts in the region with deep blue waters. Don’t forget to explore Ostuni, a small hilltop picturesque town, and the UNESCO World Heritage site, Alberobello.

Puglia Key Facts

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Nearest Airports

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  • Galatina Airport (LCC) - 53 miles