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Quick Guide

  • Danish

Reykjavik is cool. Iceland is cool. For a tiny country will a population of only just over 300 000, the Icelanders know what’s up. The bar scene is great – fans of cult film The Big Lebowksi will love the bar that is a tribute to the movie (complete with bowling lanes and White Russians as the signature drink) – and the gastronomic options are impressive. Art and design are fostered and celebrated by arty types, and there’s some fascinating museums. Reykjavik is cosmopolitan like some cities in Europe 10 times its size.

Reykjavik is a great base for exploring some of Iceland’s most incredible natural phenomena. A very popular 1 or 2 day road trip is the Golden Circle which encompasses Gulfoss waterfall, the Geysers, and Thingvellir National Park.

Black volcanic beaches, the curative Blue Lagoon, multiple waterfalls, volcanoes, and glaciers can all be visited easily from Reykjavik. You don’t just have to stand and look at this stuff either; you can hike up that glacier, bathe in that lagoon, ride a horse across that country side, kite surf on that glacier. Whether you’re there in summer when the sun never sets, or are there in winter to see the Northern Lights, there is endless amounts of exploring to do to keep you entertained.

Reykjavik Key Facts

  • Danish
  • 3 hrs

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Nearest Airports

  • Reykjavik Airport (REK)
  • Gjogur Airport (GJR) - 69 miles
  • Stykkisholmur Airport (SYK) - 75 miles
  • Vestmannaeyja Airport (VEY) - 76 miles
  • Keflavik International Airport (KEF) - 76 miles
  • Blonduos Airport (BLO) - 75 miles
  • Patreksfjordu Airport (PFJ) - 91 miles
  • Saudarkrokur Airport (SAK) - 91 miles
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