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The island of Paxos in Greece’s Ionian sea is overshadowed by its famous neighbour of Corfu. And that’s a wonderful thing. Paxos is authentic. It’s home to only 2300 people and can only be accessed by boat.

Arriving into the port of the main city – Gaios – you pass through a beautiful inlet flanked by two small islands. Gaios still operates as a busy fishing village and retains its quaint village charm.

The island will be yours to explore alone – tourism really hasn’t hit Paxos like it has elsewhere for the islands of Greece. Explore the olive groves and solitary vineyard of the interior of this teeny tiny 19-square-kilometre patch of heaven.

The west coast is spectacularly dramatic – all cliffs and caves and arches and rock towers. Spending a day on a boat cruising around the island is just plain perfect. The east coast is tamer and more peaceful with gentler beaches.

The other main villages of Loggos and Lakka are lovely, relaxed places where you’ll find traditional tavernas, excellent seafood, and classic Greek hospitality.

Paxos Key Facts

  • Greek
  • Euro
  • 4 hrs
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Nearest Airports

  • Corfu Airport (CFU) - 54 miles
  • Ioannina Airport (IOA)
  • Aktion Airport (PVK) - 69 miles
  • Argostolion Airport (EFL) - 69 miles
  • Kastoria Airport (KSO) - 87 miles
  • Patras Airport (GPA) - 88 miles
  • Philippos Airport (KZI) - 87 miles
  • Agrinion Airport (AGQ) - 88 miles
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Where To Stay

Our guide to the best hotels in Paxos.