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Quick Guide

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If you are crazy about cars, like to pour yourself a glass of high-quality wine from time to time, and also interested in the fashion world, Stuttgart is probably the city you’d want to visit. The city itself is spread across a number of hills and valleys, which is a bit unusual for German cities. It has two main castles and a couple of museums, such as The Kunstmuseum and the Linden museum. This industrial mecca houses many historical buildings and galleries. For a shopping spree, go to the famous Königstraße that is the longest pedestrianized street in the country.

Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums include awesome collections of cars that are over 100 years old. For ballet, theater or opera visitors usually go to the Staatstheater that is composed of 3 different venues. During sunny days, locals usually head out to the Schlossgarten Park, which runs to the Nectar River. The coolest thing about the city is that it has many annual festivals and celebrations, like the Stuttgart Christmas Market and Stuttgart Beer Festival. For those who prefer wine, statistics shows that Stuttgart is still the number one city in all of Germany for wine-growing with over 400 hectares of wine area.

Stuttgart Key Facts

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Nearest Airports

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