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Hamburg – it’s a vibrant, cosmopolitan harbour city and has always been that way. It’s the second largest city in Germany and also the wealthiest. The Germans know it’s good, but to the tourism set it’s name is usually met with a blank face and a big shrug of the shoulders.

But that’s changing. In an effort to see something different to the perennial favourites of Munich and Berlin, people have started heading north to Hamburg. It’s the hipster travel destination of the moment.

Hamburg is to hipster what Nashville is to country music. If fix-gear bikes and questionable facial hair are your thing, you’ve gotta get there. It’s where The Beatles got their start, after all. Aside from sipping trendy beverages and seeing what fashion will be popular in two years time, there’s plenty to discover in Hamburg.

Wander around the port neighbourhoods for some fascinating architectural treats, get lost in the Fischmarkt (you’ll find everything here, not just seafood), and climb up Sullberg Hill to take in views of the Elbe River and the city.

Soon, Hamburg will be as essential as Munich and Berlin to tourists visiting Germany. Get there now so you can say you were there before it was cool.

Hamburg Key Facts

  • German
  • Euro
  • 2 hrs
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Nearest Airports

  • Hamburg Airport (HAM) - 42 miles
  • Luebeck Airport (LBC)
  • Finken Werder Airport (XFW) - 42 miles
  • Holtenau Airport (KEL) - 69 miles
  • Braunschweig Airport (BWE) - 69 miles
  • Sonderborg Airport (SGD) - 80 miles
  • Neumunster Airport (EUM) - 80 miles
  • Lolland Falster/maribo Airport (MRW) - 80 miles
  • Hannover Airport (HAJ) - 81 miles
  • Schaferhaus Airport (FLF) - 80 miles
  • Wilhelmshaven-mariensiel Airport (WVN) - 83 miles
  • Bremen Airport (BRE) - 83 miles
  • Bremerhaven Airport (BRV) - 83 miles
  • Lernwerder Airport (XLW) - 83 miles
  • Cuxhaven Airport (NDZ) - 83 miles
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