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Germany’s fourth largest city sits proudly on the banks of the Rhine, choc-full of gorgeous Roman and medieval buildings. Cologne is known for its happy and joyous vibe and will keep any visitor stimulated and smiling for their entire trip.

Start at the heart and soul of the city, the single biggest tourist draw – the Kolner Dom cathedral. With its signature twin spires, the outside is just as spectacular as the interior, which will inspire awe in even the most jaded of European-church-visitors.

The Romisch-Germanischs Museum is full of fascinating Roman artifacts found along the banks of the Rhine and is one of Cologne’s most rewarding museums. For a more mouth-watering museum experience, head to the Schokoladenmuseum – an educational tribute to chocolate which explains the production process from plant to palate. And, of course, there is a museum dedicated to German’s darkest days – the NS Dokumentationszentrum chronicles the era of the Third Reich.

Explore the Old Town (Altstadt) area on foot or by bicycle, and take a cruise along the Rhine to view the city from a different perspective. A great choice for a dinner-time activity, take an evening cruise when the city lights are particularly beautiful.

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