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Quick Guide

  • French
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When the Romans created Provence all those centuries ago the most important legacy they left was not the stunning architecture. It was the vineyards. If French food and wine are what you’re after, Provence is for you. But there is so much more to it: the amazingly varied landscape where you can drive along some clifftops with the beach on one side and snow-tipped mountains on the other.

For the epitome of Provencal village, there is none so perfect as St-Saturnin-Les-Apt. Stop by to wander the cobbled streets, drink coffee in one of the many cafes, grab some fresh bread from a bakery, and climb to the hill above the town where the ruins afford spectacular views.

The picture-perfect UNESCO Heritage listed bridge of Pont du Gard is an impressive feat of Roman architecture and one of the quintessential locations in Province that you just can’t go home without taking a photo of.

Verdon gorge is the largest in Europe and just demands to be hiked. The national park of Domaine de la Palissade is one of the area’s best nuggets of nature that is easily accessible and provides a great overview of Provence’s biodiversity.

Provence Key Facts

  • French
  • Euro
  • 1.5 hr
  • +1 hr

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Nearest Airports

  • Aix en Provence Airport (QXB)
  • Le Castellet Airport (CTT)
  • Marseille Airport (MRS)
  • Frejus Airport (FRJ) - 51 miles
  • Cannes Airport (CEQ) - 51 miles
  • Le Palyvestre Airport (TLN) - 51 miles
  • Garons Airport (FNI) - 51 miles
  • Avignon-caum Airport (AVN) - 51 miles
  • Chabeuil Airport (VAF) - 85 miles
  • Tallard Airport (GAT) - 85 miles
  • Barcelonette-Saint-Pons Airport (BAE) - 85 miles
  • Vals-lanas Airport (OBS) - 85 miles
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