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Quick Guide

  • French
  • Euro

Corsica – it’s one of those places that you feel like you should know it, but if someone asked you to point to it on a map you’d be stumped. Well, here’s what you need to know, guys: It’s a French island in the Mediteranean Sea, south-east of the mainland. It’s mountainous and rugged and gorgeous and spectacular, and you need to visit it.

Over the centuries many countries have claimed ownership of Corsica – the Italians, Spaniards and Brits have all had their turn at some point or other. All of these influences are still evident today, culminating in a unique mix of culture, language and architecture. Like the Sicillians of Italy, Corsicans don’t identify as French – they are pure and simply Corsican.

Aside from all of this fabulous culture and history, it’s all about the outdoors on this island. For the more relaxed types there’s cruises and beach after perfect beach. For others there’s canyoning, hiking, and mountain biking. The GR20 is a famous 200km hike across the interior of the island and is reknowned as much for its beauty as its difficulty.

Corsica Key Facts

  • French
  • Euro
  • 1.5 hr
  • +1 hr

Average Climate


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Nearest Airports

  • Bastia Airport (BIA)
  • Marina Di Campo Airport (EBA) - 51 miles
  • Ste Catherine Airport (CLY) - 51 miles
  • Solenzara Airport (SOZ) - 69 miles
  • Figari Corsica Airport (FSC) - 69 miles
  • Ajaccio Airport (AJA) - 86 miles
  • Propriano Airport (PRP) - 86 miles
  • Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA) - 86 miles
  • Lucca Airport (LCV) - 86 miles
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