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  • Croatian
  • Croatian kuna

Once you visit Zagreb, there is a big chance that you will want to come back as soon as possible. Why? Well, this amazing city that is also the capital of Croatia is best described as a hidden gem that has just recently started to get the attention that it deserves. Go where the action is and take a stroll down Tkalčićeva Street. Here you can find several bars, such as the Rakhia Bar where even during daytime is hard to find a table. Zagreb is sometimes referred to as the city of museums. Check out the obscure Museum of Broken Relationships, in which people bring artifacts from their ex-partners and write down notes regarding their breakups.

Take a walk down to the Jarun Lake and enjoy the beautiful nature during daytime. In the evening, Zagreb offers many popular spots like The Aquarius Club for people who are into electronic music. For live concerts, Mocvara and Kset are venues where you can always find a band rocking out even on work days. Take a ride in the famous Blue Tram and try the local dishes that are very popular among tourists and locals as well. Zagrebacka Snicla, Cevapi and Burek are definitely worth ordering.

Zagreb Key Facts

  • Croatian
  • Croatian kuna
  • 3 hrs
  • +1 hr

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Nearest Airports

  • Zagreb Airport (ZAG)
  • Rijeka Airport (RJK) - 49 miles
  • Thalerhof Airport (GRZ) - 69 miles
  • Zadar Airport (ZAD) - 69 miles
  • Maribor Airport (MBX) - 69 miles
  • Losinj Airport (LSZ) - 85 miles
  • Klagenfurt Airport (KLU) - 84 miles
  • Ljubljana Airport (LJU) - 84 miles
  • Trieste Airport (TRS) - 98 miles
  • Portoroz Airport (POW) - 98 miles
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