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Quick Guide

  • Croatian
  • Croatian kuna

It’s no wonder the producers at HBO chose the old walled city of Dubrovnik to be Kings Landing in the hit show Game of Thrones. Setting foot in this marvellously preserved chunk of history never fails to inspire awe.

Lose yourself in the narrow alleys as you wander beneath the residents’ washing strung out between the buildings. Walk atop the old walls and feel part of the long, tumultuous past of the city (then go an learn about it in the musuems). Sneak through an inconspicuous doorway out onto the rocks outside the wall, where you’ll find simple tables and chairs perched just above the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea. Sip a beer, take a dip – repeat this for as many days as you are visiting!

The eating, drinking, and partying is fantastic, as well as the shopping. You’ll find excellent nautical-inspired souvenirs here – if you’ve always wanted one of those captain’s hats, here’s the place to buy it!

For those looking for something more active there’s sea kayaking, plenty of beaches along the coast to explore, and a cable car to take up to the top of Mt Srdj for stunning panoramas.

Dubrovnik Key Facts

  • Croatian
  • Croatian kuna
  • 3 hrs
  • +1 hr

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Nearest Airports

  • Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)
  • Golubovci Airport (TGD) - 51 miles
  • Butmir Airport (SJJ) - 69 miles
  • Tirana International Airport (TIA) - 86 miles
  • Mostar Airport (OMO) - 86 miles
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