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Quick Guide

  • Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

Barely 20 years ago Sarajevo was ravaged by the Balkan War. In a miraculous turn-around the city – and Bosnia, the country which it is capital of – are restored back to former beauty, more peaceful and welcoming than ever. A consistent favourite of everyone who ventures to this area of Europe, Sarajevo will surprise and delight. The city is a stunning mix of Turkish and Austro-Hungarian architecture with a vibrant bar and cafe scene and friendly residents, with mountains within touching distance ready to be hiked or skied.

Reminders of the Siege of Sarajevo and the all-too-recent war are visible around the city, with bullet holes pock-marking many buildings. Time in Sarajevo should be spend learning about this tragic period of Bosnian history. The best ways are with a visit to the Tunnel Museum and the History Museum.

Sarajevo has one of the world’s most peculiar attractions that draws visitors – the disused bobsleigh track from the 1984 Winter Olympics held in the city. Another victim of the Siege, the track fell into disrepair and was even used as a military stronghold. Now it’s a place for graffiti artists to ply their trade and for visitors to take hauntingly beautiful photos.

Wander around the Old Town, past many important historic buildings, impressively restored or rebuilt, and hop from cafe to cafe.

Sarajevo Key Facts

  • Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
  • 2.5 hrs
  • +1 hr

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Nearest Airports

  • Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ)
  • Mostar Airport (OMO) - 51 miles
  • Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) - 69 miles
  • Golubovci Airport (TGD) - 86 miles
  • Banja Luka Airport (BNX) - 85 miles
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