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If you like history, classical music, and impressive architecture, but also can appreciate a good pint of beer and a delicious sausage, then Vienna is the place to go. Belvedere, The Schönbrunn Palace, and The Naturhistorisches Museum are just some of the historical landmarks that leave every visitor breathless. Head out to the Naschmarkt market that includes over 100 stands and several restaurants, the Kaerntner and Mariahilfer Strasse where you can spend hours on shopping, and the Prater Park that is famous for its Ferris Wheel. Vienna offers an adventure unlike any other, especially during the winter holidays, when there are wonderfully decorated Christmas markets on every corner of the city.

Since the city is always busy with tourists, it is always easy to find decent accommodation. From luxury five star hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton and Hotel Imperial to a typical youth hostel Wombat that offers budget-friendly prices, in Vienna, you will have no problem finding the best option for your stay. Get a 72-hour U-Bahn ticket for just €16.50 and explore the Hofburg Palace, Burg theater, Sigmund Freud Museum, Donaukanal and the Imperial Crypt. To have a real Vienna experience eat at the Le Loft and grab a drink at the 150 years old Café Central.

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