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Did you know that wearing no underwear in Bangkok can land you in jail? It is also illegal to drive a car bare-chested. Well, these are just some of the many obscure things that you can experience in this unique city. Perfect for gastronomy freaks, Bangkok is all about food. From five-star restaurants to numerous street food corners, Bangkok cuisine is a real adventure. For those who are not grossed out by, lets just say some rather unusual food specialties, the crispy fried cockroaches and caterpillars will be a real treat. Take a ride in one of the famous candy cabs and go see the fascinating temples in the city.

Known as the city of smiles, where residents rather than conflicts, choose peace and harmony, Bangkok is also considered to be one of the hottest cities in the world. When you visit some of the public toilets in the city, don’t be surprised to find 3 instead of 2 toilet doors. Third-gender toilets were invented here and are known as the ladyboys. For sightseeing adventures, there is, of course, the famous Grand Palace, Wat Pho, a temple complex, Siam Paragon for shopping, and the Bangkok National Museum that is the largest museum in this part of Asia.

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  • Thai
  • Thai baht
  • 11 hrs
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Nearest Airports

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
  • Bangkok Don Muang International Airp Airport (DMK)
  • Lop Buri Airport (KKM) - 69 miles
  • Utapao Airport (UTP) - 97 miles
  • Hua Hin Airport (HHQ) - 97 miles
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