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Quick Guide

  • Sinhala, Tamil
  • Sri Lankan rupee

Sri Lanka is really hitting its stride as a tourist hotspot. People have cottoned on to this island nation’s beauty. From excellent surf to rainforests chock-full of animals, the nature here is incredible. And then of course there’s the people, with their friendly attitudes, rich culture, and extensive history.

The religious sites here are spectacular and will wow even the most cynical non-believers. There’s the 12m tall sculpture of Aukana Buddha, and the very important gold-roofed Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Then there’s Adam’s Peak, the destination of an annual pilgrimage. Climb the seemingly endless steps for a breath-taking view all the way to the capital of Colombo on a clear day.

Sri Lanka is one of the best spots in South East Asia for the chance to observe wildlife. In the jungles you might be lucky enough to see elephants and leopards, whilst off the coast you can see dolphins, whales, and reefs that are home to thousands of tropical fish. Bundala National Park is filled with lagoons and waterways and a multitude of native birdlife.

The cities of Kandy, Colombo and Polonnaruwa all have their own histories and highlights and are worth exploring to appreciate the varied elements which make up Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Key Facts

  • Sinhala, Tamil
  • Sri Lankan rupee
  • 11 hrs
  • +5.5 hrs

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Nearest Airports

  • Colombo Airport (CMB)