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Quick Guide

  • Hindi, English
  • Indian rupee

It was once called Bombay, and today it is the busiest city in India. Welcome to Mumbai, or as some like to call it, the New York of India. Yes, the transportation in the city is probably unbearable for most of the tourists, but people still love to come and explore this amazing city. Dahi Handi festival and Ganesh Chathurti street party are celebrations that attract millions of people at one place, and the whole thing is quite spectacular. Residents of Mumbai are crazy about cricket for some reason. Football is also quite popular here, and the coolest thing is that a lot of people cheer for English football clubs.

Stretched over 64 acres of Indian land, EsselWorld is an ideal location for families with small children. We all know that kids love amusement parks and thrilling roller coaster rides. For those who are willing to go outside the center of the city, Aksa Beach is a top summer destination that is definitely worth a visit. The magnificent Powai Lake with its giant crocodiles is situated in the Powai Valley and shines with immense natural beauty. After Tokyo, it is the most populated city in the world and an entertainment capital of India with its Bollywood films.

Mumbai Key Facts

  • Hindi, English
  • Indian rupee
  • 8 hrs
  • +5.5 hrs

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Nearest Airports

  • Bombay Airport (BOM)
  • Gandhinagar Airport (ISK) - 65 miles
  • Daman Airport (NMB) - 69 miles
  • Lohegaon Airport (PNQ) - 95 miles