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Quick Guide

  • Khmer
  • Cambodian riel

Located in north-western Cambodia, Siem Reap is a small town that is usually filled with many tourists throughout the year. It serves as a gateway to Angkor Wat which is probably the best-known historical sightseeing spot for visitors in Cambodia. Siem Reap offers different types of accommodation, from cheap guesthouses to luxury resorts that are mostly situated near the airport. Although the location of Siem Reap is quite rural, it still has a bustling nightlife scene and a number of international restaurants. Bath in the holy water at the famous Kulen waterfall and explore the temple ruins of the Khmer Empire.

There is a night market where visitors can purchase all kinds of souvenirs from the local residents. Bicycle rentals are available and many passengers choose this type of transportation in order to move around faster. For people who are looking for a more personal experience, there are local guides who take the passengers on the road and help them discover the beauty of Siem Reap. For drinks, The Two Dragons is definitely a pub worth visiting.

Siem Reap Key Facts

  • Khmer
  • Cambodian riel
  • 12 hrs
  • +7 hrs

Average Climate


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Nearest Airports

  • Siem Reap Airport (REP)
  • Battambang Airport (BBM)
  • Nakhon Ratcha Airport (NAK) - 96 miles