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Quick Guide

  • Portuguese
  • Cape Verdean escudo

Is it Brazil? Is it Africa? The far-off archipelago of Cape Verde is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sprinkling of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The adventurous travellers who make their way out to Cape Verde are rewarded with spectacularly varied landscapes and towns across the 10 islands.

The island of Santo Antao is the one which draws the hikers and walkers of the world. It’s the only island which lives up to the name of the country and is particularly green. Take a few days to trek through the mountains, canyons, gorges and valleys of this remarkable region.

If you’re all about lapping up some sun on a beach with sand so pure it squeaks, head to the island of Maoi, whereas the island of Boa Vista is a little more adventurous. This dusty, sandy island is the one that really reminds you that you’re in Africa – heading inland you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the Sahara. Explore the interior with some great four-wheel driving and enjoy some windsurfing on the breezy beaches.

Mindelo is the cultural centre and where you’ll find beautiful architecture and buzzing nightlife. Brava is the place to go for a historical feel – the lack of transport on the island and sleepy villages make you feel like you’re back in the 19th century.

Cape Verde Key Facts

  • Portuguese
  • Cape Verdean escudo
  • 6 hrs
  • -1 hrs

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